About Bäckefors

Bäckefors is an old industrial community with around 750 inhabitants. It is geographically located in the middle of Bengtsfors council and is approximately 3 Swedish miles south of the centre of Bengtsfors along road 172. Here there are about 750 people living. Dalslands sjukhus (the regional hospital) is situated in Bäckefors. This is the only hospital in Dalsland with around 180 employees.

Worth to know

The old factory of Bäckefors is the best preseved place with memories from the old iron factory association in Dalsland. Along the stream lies the ruins of the smiths and there is a charcoal-stack, a mill, a saw and museum where you can learn about the old iron factory.The beautiful houses where the employees used to reside are nowadays used as a youth hostel. For more information contact anneli@pineskar.se

The Lakes of Marsjöarna is a water system comprising of five lakes, which are connected by canals. There are fine bathing beaches and good waters for fishing and boating. You can buy a fishing licence at Statoil (gas station)or the tourist information office in Bengtsfors.



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